Latest Gallery Updates:

13 Jul 2010: New Wet & LatexGallery - Pool Walker. Latex and water always blend well!

29 Jun 2010: New Pantyhose Encasement Gallery - Hot Asphalt Lizard. Layers of melange hose melting in the sun!!!

1 Jun 2010: New Zentai Gallery - Enter Sandman ;) Aurora burying herself in hot sand.

16 May 2010: New Zentai Gallery - Flowery. Speaks for itself.

3 Feb 2010: New Latex Gallery - Love Rocks. Aurora in her silver catsuit in a dungeon...

9 Jan 2010: New Zentai Gallery - Green Sun Last Part: Jump!!!

15 Dec 2009: New Zentai Gallery - Green Sun Continued: stay tuned!

29 Nov 2009: New Zentai Gallery - Green Sun! The first gallery of a KILLER outdoor set!

8 Nov 2009: New Zentai Gallery - Golden Leopardess. Look at this incredibly shiny zentai in low sunlight of Rodos!

25 Oct 2009: New Catsuit Gallery - Siam Park. Water, Sand, and other Lycra Adventures!

12 Sep 2009: New Zentai Gallery - Get a snowball! Refresh yourself with a bit of winter.

22 Jun 2009: New Video - Last Snow of past Winter. Snowballs, snowman, snow Aurora and Chromakey!

1 Jun 2009: New Latex Gallery - RubberDay in SPb. Aurora and Helly, the superstar of came together for an evening...

24 May 2009: New Zentai Gallery - White Nights. A marvelous soft velvet time in St. Petersburg, one of most pictorial cities of Russia.

27 Apr 2009: New Latex Gallery - Silver Surfer! Rocks and Waves.

6 Apr 2009: New Zentai Gallery - Black&Pink Canari. Watch vanilla people staring at Aurora!!

22 Mar 2009: New Pantyhose Gallery - A visit to Hooters! Don't they look alike?

24 Feb 2009: FETISH PARTY NIGHT 6 in Moscow!!! March 28, 2009! Come on in!

16 Mar 2009: New Zentai Gallery - Stormy Beach - and a Zentai girl. Alone.

3 Mar 2009: New Latex Gallery - Some Brandy? And then.......

14 Feb 2009: New Zentai Gallery - Mirror Girl. Silver Zentai, Sun and Rainbow.

19 Jan 2009: New Pantyhose/Gloves Gallery - Drunk'n'Crazy! See what a light orange refreshment can do with the Orange Lady... ;)

31 Dec 2008: New Freeze/Doll Gallery - Happy New Year! See our new Living Doll K.G.!
And uh well, sorry for making you wait that long.

30 Nov 2008: New Zentai Gallery - Sparkling Brass. This extremely shiny Zentai is so soft, so it resembles every tiny detail of the skin...

4 Nov 2008: New Latex and Nylon Gallery - Bee Latex. Limbering up in the morning.

26 Oct 2008: New ZentaiGallery - The Morning After. Red Red Wine... ;)

28 Sep 2008: New Encasement Gallery - Fishnet Rocks! A very rare set of dual-layer pantyhose fashion! :)

22 Sep 2008: New Zentai Gallery - Romantic. Possibly the most sensual Zentai set we've ever done... My fave as for now.

14 Sep 2008: New Latex and Corset Gallery - Down on Your Knees! Look at lava latex melting under cruel sun.

31 Aug 2008: New Zentai Gallery - Green in Greens. Chromakey the Forest Imp!

20 Aug 2008: New Wetlook Gallery - Refresh! Don't you think that Aurora's cocktail matches well with her long dress and with the water?

3 Aug 2008: New Latex Outdoors Gallery - Sunset. Small white streets of Santorini, cliffs and the sea.

3 Aug 2008: I'm glad to present you the new, larger image format. From now on all the member photos will be 1280x1024 pixels!

16 Jul 2008: New Gallery - Flexy Sexy!!! The first public set with Aurora and Zlata ( Enjoy!

6 Jul 2008: New Gallery - Edelweiss. A beautiful flower in rainy clouds of Grosser Arber Mountains, Germany.

28 Jun 2008: New Gallery - Red Lust. Aurora and Guest Star - Trixie from having nasty fun on the roof...

9 Jun 2008: New Gallery - Postapocalypse. Nuclear Snow and Latex Aurora.

25 May 2008: New Gallery - Hot Wind. All shades of black shine in dazzling sun of Egypt.

6 May 2008: New Video - Triple Fun! The long-awaited report from the amusement park conquerred by three colorful Zentai imps!

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